Corporate Finance

Conventional Funding

Ojala Financial Corp. provides impartial and independent advice on the structure of the transaction, identification of funding sources, and procurement of funds. Upon analyzing a business and understanding its market potential, we decide our involvement with the business. Upon recognizing a business's capital requirements, we will recommend the most efficient funding structure. We are knowledgeable of our investor’s likes and their requirements. This helps us arrange the funding in a timely manner with the best available terms. We maintain very close relationships with various funding sources.

Types of funding we can arrange:

  • Operating Lines
  • Term Loans
  • Equipment Leasing
  • LBO/MBO (Leveraged buy out finance)
  • Factoring
  • Venture Capital
  • Mezzanine funding

Raising capital/Private placement

Ojala Financial Corp. assists growing and established companies with a superior business model and solid management in raising private equity and debt capital. We understand there are lots of good businesses out there, which do not meet conventional funding requirements of the banks due to their rapid growth plan. We add value by attracting private investors to these selective business opportunities. Our private equity group works on assignments where capital requirements are $500,000 and up.There are various advantages of raising capital through private placement:

Advantages to capital seekers

  • It can be arranged quickly.
  • They could also get advice from investors, who can be successful business owners.
  • Private investors' connections can lead to more business opportunities.
  • Terms of investment matches with the business's financial plan.
  • It can lead to more funding from conventional sources i.e. banks.

Advantage to capital investors

  • Potential for higher return on investment.
  • Investment diversification opportunity.
  • Easy to understand and monitor company progress.
  • Well researched local investment opportunities.

Our preferred private investment projects;

Real estate developments, manufacturing operations, leveraged business buyouts, established businesses with history of performance and succession planning (re-capitalization) situations etc.

We work with the management to help decipher structuring issues, which may ultimately impact the overall cost of the capital. Having worked on a wide variety of corporate funding transactions, we have developed the expertise required to guide a company through the private capital raising process.

Investors in private securities possess a broad spectrum of investment objectives, philosophies and styles. Ojala Financial Corp. has established relationships with many of the leading institutional investors i.e. pension funds, insurance companies, capital pools, banks, investment bankers, venture capitalists, mezzanine lenders and private investors. We can provide insight into their respective investment criteria. By providing credible, third-party sponsorship and leveraging our relationships, Ojala Financial Corp. works to create a competitive process and produce optimal transaction terms for our clients.

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