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Private capital investment process is about investing money in the stocks or bonds of privately held and public companies; privately. Investments can be made directly or through market dealers like Ojala Financial Corp. Your capital invested in a business should be based on your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and knowledge of the business. Investors will decide in what type of business opportunities they would like to participate in. Under normal conditions investors will not run or manage the business operations. They are simply providing financial backing to the business that matches their profile. Ojala Financial Corp. helps investors to understand and negotiate investment terms.

We provide to our privately wealthy and institutional clients:

  • Well-researched and timely investment ideas.
  • Selective business investment opportunities.
  • Business with good performance history.
  • Business with very promising growth potential.
  • Business with verifiable business plans.
  • Business with experienced and multi-skills management in place.
  • Opportunity to ask question from the owners and the promoters
  • High growth and investment diversification opportunities


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